Birthday Cake Rooibos Loose-Leaf Tea 50g

Birthday Cake Rooibos Loose-Leaf Tea 50g

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Party like it's your birthday - a tea party that is! This is one scrumptious and colourful rooibos with buttercream notes and sprinkles! Birthday or just because, have your cake and drink it too. Sip, sip hooray!

Caffeine Level: Caffeine-free

Ingredients: Rooibos, sprinkles*, safflower, cornflower, calendula, natural flavours (organic compliant). (*Sprinkles: sugar, rice flour, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, cornstarch, arabic gum, cellulose gum, confectioners glaze, carageenan, soy lecithin, yellow5, red3, blue1, artificial flavors). Contains Soy


Our loose-leaf tea is provided by our dear friend Lindsay of Covet Coffee & Tea in Peterborough, ON.