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Bread & Baked Goods

Our regularly stocked fresh baked organic breads and pastries are made with love by our friends at Wildflower Bakery in Havelock, ON and are available WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY, & SATURDAY.

Wednesday - Country Sourdough, Good Neighbour French, Spelt Quinoa, Rye Sourdough, Whole Wheaty Seedy

Friday - Country Sourdough, Good Neighbour French, Whole Wheaty Seedy, Danish, Butter Croissants

Saturday - Country Sourdough, Good Neighbour French, Roasted Potato Rosemary Sourdough, Danish, Butter Croissants, Pain au Chocolat

If you are interested in placing a special order please call 905-269-6915 at least two days in advance and we'll try our best to make it happen! You can also arrange a reoccuring standing order to ensure you never miss out on your favourites!

We do have a selection of Gluten-free breads available in the freezer. Head over to our Gluten-Free Collection to shop.