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Wild Albacore Tuna in Garden Herb Pesto

Wild Albacore Tuna in Garden Herb Pesto

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Wild White Albacore Tuna: Tuna is proudly sourced from a MSC Certified responsible fishery in the Pacific Northwest. Scout’s tuna is hand cut, hand packed and preserved with organic olive oil and our signature herb pesto blend of basil, parsley, garlic, lemon and a pinch of salt.

INGREDIENTS: Solid white wild albacore tuna, organic olive oil, parsley and basil, sea salt, lemon juice blend (concentrated from lemon juice, lemon juice), garlic

Scout combines the seafood industry’s heritage with Chef Charlotte’s own unique take to create a product straight from the heart. By using ethical products from coastal fishing communities, they are helping to restore the tradition of preserved seafood for North America.