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Stout Nonalcoholic Craft Beer 355mL

Stout Nonalcoholic Craft Beer 355mL

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This stout pours a deep brown with warm, walnut highlights topped by a tall, tan cap of foam. It looks the part, and it smells the part too: picture cracking a fresh bag of medium-roast coffee with dark berry and plum notes. The medium-light, bubbly body boasts notes of coffee, smoke and a long, dry cacao-nib note in the finish.

Try this stout with any grilled meat or veg — kabobs would work. Roast dinners and stews make easy companions. Finish off a meal with a mild blue cheese and see how it contrasts with the roasty edge of the stout.

Ingredients: Water, Barley, Hops, Yeast. Contains: Barley

Brewed in Toronto, ON