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Smoked Wild Albacore Tuna 150g

Smoked Wild Albacore Tuna 150g

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Scout’s Smoked Wild Albacore Tuna takes the delicious flaky flavour of our Albacore Tuna wild-caught in the Pacific Northwest and adds a subtle smoke that will change up how you enjoy your canned tuna.

Scout’s Wild Albacore Tuna is wild-caught between Oregon and British Columbia in the Pacific Northwest, hand-cut and packed proudly on Vancouver Island.

This Wild Albacore Tuna is naturally low in mercury, high in quality protein with 35 grams per can, and rich in Omega-3s. It is seasoned with a light brine consisting of sea salt and sugar and then cured overnight and air-dried before being gently smoked with Canadian hardwood and packed in Scout's signature organic olive oil.

Scout combines the seafood industry’s heritage with Chef Charlotte’s own unique take to create a product straight from the heart. By using ethical products from coastal fishing communities, they are helping to restore the tradition of preserved seafood for North America.