Salted Maple Sponge Toffee (Milk)

Salted Maple Sponge Toffee (Milk)

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New Bigger Bag & More Toffee!

Sponge toffee is known by many names: honeycomb, seafoam, cinder toffee, fairy candy…

But after a bite of this perfectly crunchy, maple-laced confection, most people just call it “heaven”. Enrobed in luscious milk chocolate  

The maple syrup used is from Sandy Flat Sugar Bush: another sweet Warkworth original!

Expertly crafted by the chocolate master herself, Angela at Centre & Main Chocolate creates unique and award-winning small-batch chocolate at her gallery in Warkworth. Her chocolate has earned national and international recognition, putting small town Warkworth on the map for her tantalizing and complex creations.

May contain traces of soy, nuts