Riviera Parmesan Cheese Lactose-Free Block 200g

Riviera Parmesan Cheese Lactose-Free Block 200g

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 Discover the most Québécois line of Parmesan cheeses! You’ll find all the flavours of Italy in this lactose-free genuine Parmesan cheese, made in Quebec with 100% milk.

With its firm, golden yellow colored, crumbly texture and fruity taste, the unique zest of this cheese will enhance the flavour of your salads, fresh pasta and soups. You can also enjoy it with nuts, fresh figs, pears, etc.

Parmesan cheese is principally used shredded or in flakes for the preparation of meals.

Ingredients: Ultrafiltered Pasteurized skimmed milk; Pasteurized whole milk, Cream, Milk protein concentrate, Salt, Bacterial culture, Calcium chloride, Lipase, Microbial enzyme

M.F.: 28%
Moisture: 32%