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Red Kilt Party of 6 - Roasted Nut Assortment

Red Kilt Party of 6 - Roasted Nut Assortment

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Canadian-made, Canadian-sourced, fresh roasted artisan nut from Fergus, ON. 

This gift pack includes Maple Pecan, Chipotle Pecan, Cinnamon Walnut, Pear Ginger Walnut, Chocolate Hazelnut, Espresso Hazelnut

When Lis and her husband moved to a 90 acre farm in Fergus, they were excited to pursue a lifelong dream of rural living.

They were going to plant 5 nut trees for the family, but then they thought, why 5? So, they planted 100. The nuts tasted great. For 2 years Lis would farm, cook and create recipes with their homegrown nuts and give them to friends and family. It was during this time they developed a patent-pending roasting process and their created signature maple roasted nut recipes. People loved them. Jewels Under the Kilt was born.