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Premium Mocktails 355ml

Premium Mocktails 355ml

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Clever Mocktails offers a line of non alcoholic, organic cocktails produced in Montréal, QC. Their mission is to provide a non alcoholic solution that will make you feel good.

Pink G & Tonic: This mocktail has a hint of bitterness specific to classic Gin and Tonic, thanks to quinine, with a fruity twist : the tasty sweetness of blackcurrant. It’s the perfect blend to enjoy on your summer evenings.

G & Tonic: Inspired from classic British gins, this G & Tonic is an infused distillation of juniper berries, green cardamom seeds, coriander seeds, with a touch of quinine for the distinct bitterness you would expect. 

Mojito: An infusion of two types of mint: sweet mint and peppermint, lime peels, and  100% natural flavours to obtain the rhum notes you would recognize in the alcoholic mojito previously enjoyed on your favorite beach or patio