Lavender Newfoundland Sea Salt & Toffee Chocolate Bar

Lavender Newfoundland Sea Salt & Toffee Chocolate Bar

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Lavender and salt are a classic flavour combination from the south of France.  And classics can be made more decadent with chocolate… and toffee…

This bar includes a slender, crunchy layer of English toffee, made with local butter.  It is shattered and sprinkled into the luscious dark chocolate, already infused with lavender flowers and salt from the Newfoundland Salt Company. Additional lavender and salt is sprinkled on top, just to make your tastebuds dance.

Handcrafted by the chocolate master herself, Angela at Centre & Main Chocolate creates unique and award-winning small-batch chocolate at her gallery in Warkworth. Her chocolate has earned national and international recognition, putting small town Warkworth on the map for her tantalizing and complex creations.

Made in a studio that uses dairy, wheat, and nuts.