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Hodge Podge Tomme Cheese

Hodge Podge Tomme Cheese

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This mixed milk Tomme is made from Goat and Water Buffalo milk! Its creamy white with butterscotch notes and a medium density.

On days when the milk delivery schedule gets thrown out the window, Hodge Podge is Monforte's answer to the question “What do we do with all this milk?”

This wild aged Tomme will combine several milks and have a layer of peppercorns in the centre, lending a citrusy flavor to an already interesting cheese. Hodge Podge is always an adventure!

At Monforte, they are convinced the small things do indeed make a difference, that agriculture is best practiced on a human scale, and that their cheeses, each in its own way, reflect something a little deeper than the technology behind mass manufactured food - a little of the poetry and passion of life itself. Located in Stratford Ontario