Gin & Tonic Chocolate Bar

Gin & Tonic Chocolate Bar

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A classic cocktail, in chocolate form. Inspired by a thorough exploration at Kinsip House of Fine Spirits of the many botanicals of gin, this bar encapsulates all its flavour and heady perfume with zero alcohol.

Gold medal winner of the International Chocolate Awards, 2019 Canadian Competition, and received the award for Innovation in Chocolate.

Experience the flavours of Northumberland County combined with the finest in couverture chocolate. Use these chocolate bars in the kitchen to bring your baking and cooking to the next level or as a delicious treat.

Handcrafted by the chocolate master herself, Angela at Centre & Main Chocolate creates unique and award-winning small-batch chocolate at her gallery in Warkworth. Her chocolate has earned national and international recognition, putting small town Warkworth on the map for her tantalizing and complex creations.

Made in a studio that uses dairy, wheat, and nuts.