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Deep In The Woods: A Benjamin Owl Book

Deep In The Woods: A Benjamin Owl Book

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A lovely tale written by Colborne-local Becki Walsh, who is a familiar face at Century Cyle around the corner!

Delightful for children of all ages, this book teaches the importance of practice (and the accompanying failure time!) when trying something new.

Book Description:

Benjamin is an owl. But not just any owl. Benjamin can fly higher, farther and faster than any owl his age. Flying around he sees and hears a cow and learns to 'moo'. He sees a rooster and learns 'cock-a-doodle-do.' He learns to make the sounds of each animal and bird he hears! There's just one problem. He can't 'hoot' like his parents and two brothers. Can you hoot like an owl?

Let's watch Benjamin as he practises and practises until he learns how to hoot. You'll laugh and hoot all the way!