Chipotle Pecans 115g

Chipotle Pecans 115g

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Fresh pecans roasted with dark maple syrup and Chipotle peppers

Ingredients: pecan, maple, chipotle peppers

Canadian-made, Canadian-sourced, fresh roasted artisan nut from Fergus, ON. 

When Lis and her husband moved to a 90 acre farm in Fergus, they were excited to pursue a lifelong dream of rural living.

They were going to plant 5 nut trees for the family, but then they thought, why 5? So, they planted 100. The nuts tasted great. For 2 years Lis would farm, cook and create recipes with their homegrown nuts and give them to friends and family. It was during this time they developed a patent-pending roasting process and their created signature maple roasted nut recipes. People loved them. Jewels Under the Kilt was born.