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Canadian Peameal Turkey Bacon (Frozen)

Canadian Peameal Turkey Bacon (Frozen)

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Renegade Harvest celebrates Ontario's Hayter's Turkey by bringing their breast meat for a week with a variety of pickling spices, garlic and wild bergamot. A corn-crusted, homestead recipe, hand-cut into thick Canadian bacon fashioned slices.

200g package. Handcrafted in Toronto.

Renegade Harvest has been a continuously evolving brand devoting its self in celebrating local foods. With a vast history in culinary arts Chef-Owner, Colin Moïse, shares his take on farm-to-table cuisine through tasty products

INGREDIENTS: Canadian Turkey, sugar, salt, *pink salt, garlic, peppercorn, wild bergamot leave and flowers, cornmeal, canola oil *Contain Nitrates *Bound with Transglutaminase