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Cacao, Cascara & Rose Tisane Tea 85g

Cacao, Cascara & Rose Tisane Tea 85g

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Delicate chocolate flavours with a hint of sweetness. The cacao husk shines bright both through the aroma and flavour. The rose is there moreso in aroma, and rounds out the flavours of both the cacao and cascara nicely.

STEEPING INSTRUCTIONS: Mix 1 tsp with 12oz of hot water (just off boil) and let steep for 6 minutes. This tea benefits from a longer steep time and can be enjoyed with the loose leaf steeping longer as you sip.

INGREDIENTS: cacao husk, cascara, rose petals, natural flavours

USEFUL INFORMATION: Cacao husk is from Dominican Republic for this tea. It has the best flavour and blends perfect with the cascara and rose. This tea is a collaboration with Sloane Tea. Tin is used for packaging this tea. It's easily recyclable and can be reused. It is vegan and soy free.