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Blanc Luxury Kombucha 750 mL

Blanc Luxury Kombucha 750 mL

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Bubbly not boozy — Silver Swallow Blanc is the champagne of kombucha. Carefully crafted using their namesake tea, silver swallow is hand picked in Yunnan, China only once per spring. These rare white tea buds offer vibrant floral notes and a clean, grassy finish. They’ve been carefully brewed into a premium non-alcoholic sparkling-wine stand-in perfect for celebrations big and small. 

Pairs well with fresh fruit, cheese, oysters & friends

Non-alcoholic (<0.5% abv), all natural ingredients, preservative & sulphite free, vegan, gluten free. Unpasteurized, sediment is expected.

Ingredients: filtered water, organic kombucha fermented by symbiosis (bacterial and yeast cultures), organic cane sugar, organic silver swallow white tea buds, organic green tea, passion fruit, carbon dioxide

Andrew and Genna are partners in life and business. They love hosting dinner parties but something was missing from the table. They began to dream about crafting high-end better-for-you wine alternatives. With its natural effervescence and fermented notes, kombucha made the perfect bubbly base. But it needed to embody everything they loved about sparkling wine—premium ingredients, complex flavour, beautiful design, and a celebratory cork to pop. That is how Silver Swallow was created.