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ABO Ramen Kit - Vegan + Gluten Free (2 servings)

ABO Ramen Kit - Vegan + Gluten Free (2 servings)

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ABO Ramen is a delicious, easy, 100% GUILT-FREE ramen meal kit! The shelf-stable kit contains miso-based ramen broth seasoned with Abokichi’s award-winning OKAZU condiment and wheat-free noodles. Umami yum!

This new ABO Ramen is a great choice compared to regular instant, or restaurant ramen, which are very high in fat and sodium. ABO Ramen is non-GMO, gluten-free (wheat-free), contains no artificial flavouring, and is completely plant-based. The broth is made from upcycling the byproduct of sake brewing, it has 20g of protein and a full serving of veggies per servings annnnnd it’s ready in under 10 minutes! Honestly, it’s an all-around winner.

INGREDIENTS ramen noodles : green lentil flour, tapioca starch, kale flour, spinach flour, cauliflower flour.
soup broth : organic miso paste (organic soybeans, rice, salt), sake lees (water, rice, koji, yeast), sunflower oil, sesame oil, garlic,
tamari soy sauce (non-gmo soybeans, salt, sugar), organic cane sugar, chili powder, white sesame seeds, chickpea flour, salt.