These are our current operations as we navigate the pandemic and do our part to keep ourselves and the community safe:



We are set up to accept and process payment via cash, debit/credit, and e-Transfer.

Rules for in-store shopping:

  1. Masks are not mandatory. Shopper's personal choice will be respected as to whether they mask or not.
  2. No customer limit. We are a tiny shop though, so please use your discretion.
  3. It is recommended that hands be sanitized upon entry and exit.
  4. If you have been around someone who has COVID or is suspected of having COVID or if you are sick, please delay your visit.


All orders placed online will be processed within 30 minutes upon receival during business hours, or first thing upon opening when orders are placed outside of business hours. An email notification will be sent when your order is ready for pick-up.

If you are feeling unwell, have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 / suspects that they have COVID-19, please contact us to discuss options.  


Last updated: September 13, 2022